I am very glad that my father decided to write this memoir. Early in his book he remarks that it would have been valuable to him to have had similar stories written by his grandfather. We have photographs of family and friends, but how enlightening it would be to have their thoughts as well. Family stories are always interesting and cherished. Just think of family gatherings and how someone always says, “Tell the story about Aunt Tillie and the fish” or the one about grandpa and the fire truck. Everyone loves to hear the family tales. The telling and retelling of these stories connects the generations of a family. They are the things that make a family unique. I think we all should write down our Stories. I hope that my children and their children will read this book and learn more about not only their Grandpa Beck and his family, but also about the times and people he knew.

My father, LeBart Beck, is living through one of the most amazing centuries. I am proud of the way he has observed and recorded the journey. In doing this he has helped tell the story for and about all of us.