Before leaving Rossmoyne we had bought two lots on the south end of Fisher Lake, east of Three Rivers. When we arrived in Three Rivers we rented a cottage from the Thompsons, on the north end of the lake. We lived there for the rest of the winter and started to build our house the next spring.

As things progressed it became evident that I would not be able to get our house done in time, so I built a one room shanty on the lot and we lived in that until October. Then we stayed with my parents until the end of December. We then moved into the basement of the new house. We lived in the basement for a couple of years and then borrowed money to hire carpenters to finish off the top floor. Until that time, we had borrowed nothing.

We lived at the lake until the fall of 1976, then sold that house and bought a 14 x 70 foot mobile home on Constantine Road, about three miles south of Three Rivers. Then in 1980 we bought a 24 x 40 foot double-wide, in Country Village Park, Orange City, Florida and kept the one in Michigan.

In October of 1989 we sold the mobile home to our granddaughter, Maurisa, and bought a single-wide in the Roberts Park in Three Rivers.

In the fall of 1995 we made out last trip to Florida, as Snow Birds, that is. In December of that year we bought a membership in John Knox Village, a retirement complex that is located within a mile of our home in Country Village.

It was our intention to spend the rest of our days there in the Village. That, however, was not to be. Skip was able to prevail on us to come out to California where we could be close to at least part of the family. This we did and very early in January of 1997 we moved into a ground floor apartment in The Terraces of Los Gatos, within twelve miles of Skip’s home.

I have known the lake for more than seventy years and lived on it’s South shore for twenty eight years and I still am not sure of it’s correct name.

In some places it is written Fisher Lake, and other places it is written Fisher’s Lake, and no one that I have talked to seems to know which is correct.

The East side was known as Fisher’s side, the West side was Seekle’s side and the North end was Thompson’s.

A more recent member of the Fisher family, Fordie, operated a store and filling station, on the highway near the lake, for many years.

If a person were to look closely, starting at the end of Mahnke Road, and proceed North, they could follow the old road from the end of South Fisher Lake Road, all of the way to the North end of the lake. The old road continued straight North, down the little grade North of Mahnke Road, and passed within just a few feet of the front of the Tavern. I will come back to that Tavern shortly.

Somewhere in this trash that I have written, I have made mention of the effect that the Rural Electrification has had on the settlement of the lakes and the rural areas of our country. Fisher’s Lake is a good example, of it.

Before the mid 1930’s the only people that lived year around, on the lake, were the farmers whose land came down to the water. Thompsons, on the North end, Fishers on the East side, Seekles on the West side and Jack Keller on the South end are examples of what I mean.

A few people had Cottages along the shore, but these were not constructed with winter time occupancy in mind. However, after electricity became available, and people could have domestic water pumps and automatic heating systems, they began insulating their cottages and staying all year long. I am sure that there hasn’t been a vacant building lot on Fisher’s Lake, in years.