Our son Todd and I were up in Ontario on a fishing trip, one time, and were waiting to be picked up by the Outfitter who had dropped us off at a remote spot, that morning. There were two or three other fishermen also waiting for “Old Joe” to come and get us. In the course of our conversation, with those other fishermen we were informed that they were all from Detroit. Now for an Out Stater, like Todd and me, to have to listen to a would be fisherman, from Detroit, who hadn’t caught anything, explain all of the proper ways to catch fish and we are standing there with almost our limit of beautiful Walleyes, is tantamount to waving a red flag in a bull’s face.

One of those characters asked us where we were from and we told him, “Kalamazoo”, thinking that even a Detroiter would know where that was, and he said “then you must have come up Telegraph Road”. That did it. Todd had taken all of the arrogance that he could stand, and replied “for Christ’s sake man, you don’t have to go to Detroit first, in order to get to any other place, in Michigan”.

I don’t think that they asked us anymore questions, in fact, I don’t remember that any of them said anything, all the way back to camp.