I remember one time, after Louise and I had been married for a year or so. We had been visiting her parents for an evening and when we were ready to return home we discovered that those boys had gotten the rear axle housing, of our old Dodge Coupe, jacked up onto a concrete abutment that extended out from the barn. It was positioned in such a way that both of the rear wheels were off the ground. The kids, of course, were in bed trying to make people think that were sound asleep. I knew darned well that they were, all three, in their bedroom watching me, out there in the dark, jacking, blocking and pushing to get all four wheels back on the ground again.

That old Dodge Coupe was the second car that Louise and I owned. It was a 1927 model, and I am sure that we paid “Sheenie” Lear $40.00 for it. Sheenie lived in Centreville, and was a dealer in anything that could be bought and sold at a profit. The 1927 model was the first year that Dodge adopted a six volt electrical system and a standard transmission shifting procedure. Prior to 1927 they used a twelve volt system and the starter and the generator were one unit that was driven by a chain. I have one of them in my pile of junk. I worked for Dodge Brothers in late 1928 and early 1929. Shortly after that Walter Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers, but I guess that I have wandered pretty far away from the subject, so I had better get back on track.