It is, surely, quite obvious that all of the characters that I have encountered were not connected with the construction trades, you can find them most anywhere that you want to look. I remember one time when Louise and I with our son, Skip his wife and their two children were on a motor home trip thru Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. During the latter stages of the trip we visited the home of Judy’s parents, in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Skip was no stranger to Southern Idaho, however, me being a foreigner from the Midwest, it presented the father-in-law, Earl, an ideal opportunity to show off the wonders of Twin Falls. It is a beautiful area and Earl presented it in a manner that would have made any Chamber of Commerce Secretary envious.

On our way back to the host’s home, following one of our scenic tours, it was either Skip or I that made the suggestion to Earl, that if he knew of a place, nearby, where we could buy a bottle of tonic, we would be glad to contribute to the evening’s entertainment. Earl seemed to be in deep thought, for a few moments and then said “I am not sure, but I think that there is such a place, just a block or so to our right”. Skip, who had been doing the driving, turned right at the next intersection , and sure enough, only a block, down that street was a tavern. Skip parked the car and we all went in. I thought that I noticed Earl, sort of hold back and let Skip and I go in first, but as we approached the bar, the bar tender said, in a loud and friendly voice, “Well Hello Earl, where have you been, haven’t seen you for a few days”. Earl’s ears got sort of red for a while, but other than that, everything seemed to be normal. The embarrassment didn’t appear to effect his desire for refreshment, not one bit.