The one person that best fits my specifications of a character, was my father-in-law, Harry Shively. One of the things that made Harry an outstanding character, was the kind of competition about which he was surrounded. When a person can operate successfully when surrounded by experts like Henry Collins, Dan Riley, Chris Peters and Walter Darr and, become recognized as an outstanding character, that person really does have to be outstanding. Harry’s qualifications satisfied all of the known standards.

Harry did a lot of reading and was well informed on a lot of subjects. He was a fluent speaker and was capable of discussing most any subject, with conviction, whether he was familiar with it, or not. It didn’t make any difference what the problem was, Harry had a solution for it. His favorite subject was politics and I don’t believe that I ever heard him give a political office holder, credit for anything. One of his favorite outbursts was, “It’s amazing what few brains it takes to run the world”.