I really do not mean to pick on the memory of Harry Shively, but he probably had more, highly developed, idiosyncrasies than any other person that I have known. Most of them seemed to surface in his later years. On one occasion, several years after the death of Mrs. Shively, Harry made arrangements with his son, Jim, to take him to the Doctor far a physical examination. One of Jim’s requirements was that he was to take a bath before they went.

As I remember, the examination was scheduled for the middle of the afternoon and Harry, in order not to be late, decided to take the bath shortly after breakfast. When Jim arrived, expecting to find his Dad ready to go, he discovered that no one was around, and when he called out, Harry shouted, “come get me out of this GD bath tub”. He had gotten in but was unable to get out again. He had been submerged since morning, and Jim said that he was all bleached out and shriveled up, like a prune.

I guess that nothing serious resulted, but the event did give Harry a sound reason for avoiding bath tubs, in the future.