Walter was not really a man of the world, and did not pretend to be. On one occasion, someone gave Walter a suit of shorty pajamas, for his birthday, but had failed to tell him what they were and how they should be worn. One hot afternoon, in mid summer, Walter showed up, at the Tavern, for the regular meeting of the Fisher Lake Advisory Council, in his new PJ’s, thinking that they were a shirt and shorts combination. All of the regulars and many of the vacationers, from Detroit and Chicago, got a good laugh, at Walter’s expense, but that didn’t bother him one bit. He joined right into the executive session, just as though he had been attired in the official robes, of the court. He did look a little strange though, with his ankle high work shoes, Rockford socks, knobby knees and shorty PJ’s.

One New Year’s Eve, after the celebrating at the Tavern was all over, Walter, in his inebriated condition, thought that due to Dubby Crosley’s inebriated condition, he should take him home. Talk about the blind leading the blind. They started out and as they were approaching Parkville road Dubby said “Walter, this is where you turn”, meaning the next corner. So Walter, immediately turned sharply to the left, and went across the highway, down through the, snow filled, ditch and wound up in a snow bank, a couple of hundred feet, or more, short of where they should have turned.

Luckily, one or more of the regulars who were a little apprehensive of Walter’s ability to handle all of that beer and that old Chevy Coupe too, had followed them. They dug the two delinquents out of the snow and took them home. The next day they all went back and retrieved Walter’s old Chevy.