I was in the K-Mart Store the other day, looking at shoes. I could hear a lady, in the next aisle, arguing with her small son about a pair of those enormous canvas shoes that are so popular with the kids now. He was convinced that he should have that particular pair and she insisted that they were too large for him.

I can remember when this scenario was completely reversed. Clothes, shoes, boots and anything else that a kid might be apt to wear, was always bought (if not handed down from an older sibling) at least two sizes larger than a comfortable fit. The reasoning being; “get them a little large, he’ll grow into them.” I never could figure out why it was more important for shoes to be comfortable for the last three months of their life and so uncomfortable for the previous year and a half.

I really cannot feel too sorry because of the problems that the present day younger generation think they have. Just as in the situation above, that kid got his big, sloppy shoes and so did we. The only difference being, he wanted them and we didn’t.