I remember when it only cost three cents to send a letter first class, and it could go second class for two cents, if the envelope wasn’t sealed. Most everyone, that I knew, put two cent stamps on greeting cards at Christmas time. This reminds me of a Crew Foreman that I once had in the Mt Clemens, Michigan area, who on one occasion, felt the need to talk to his General Foreman who also lived in Mt Clemens. The Crew Foreman related the story to me thus;

“I drove over onto Woodward and found a pay phone. I was just getting ready to make the call when it dawned on me that it would cost a nickel to call Curley and only three cents to send him a letter, so I went back home and wrote to him.”

It must be extremely frustrating for the young people that have to, just to be courteous, listen to some of us old goats continually talk about the way things were, in the “good old days”. Well; whether you like it or not, I am going to prepare another load of boredom, and if you don’t like it your only recourse is to tell your friends that you never heard of me and refuse to read it.