WHO IS A SENIOR CITIZEN? A Senior Citizen is one who was here before the Pill and the Population Explosion. We were here before TV, Penicillin, Polio Shots, Antibiotics, Open Heart Surgery, and Hair Transplants. Before Frozen Foods, Nylons, Xerox, Kinsey, Radar, Fluorescent Lights, Credit Cards, Ball Point Pens, Self-propelled Lawn Mowers, Hulla Hoops, Surf Boards and Frisbees.

For us, Time Sharing meant Togetherness, not Computers or Condominiums. We were before Panty Hose and Drip-Dry Clothes, before Ice Makers and Dish Washers, Clothes Dryers, Freezers and Electric Blankets. Before men wore long hair and ear rings and before women dressed like men.

We were here before Art Linkletter, Lucille Ball and Ann Landers. Before the Forty Hour Week, the Minimum Wage and Time and One Half for Overtime. We got married first, then we lived together. We were here before Grandma Moses, The Shadow, Superman, Sammy Davis Junior and the Lone Ranger. Girls wore Peter Pan Collars and thought that Cleavage was a thing that Butchers were concerned with.

We were before Disposable Diapers, Jeeps, Vitamin Pills, Pizzas, Instant Tea, Decaffeinated Coffee, Contact Lenses and Big Macs. We thought that Fast Food was what was eaten during Lent. We were before Elvis and Chiquita Banana. Before TV, VCR, Touch Tone Phones, Tape Recorders, Electric Typewriters, Digital Watches, Word Processors, Disco Dancing and Mud Wrestling.

Cigarettes were to be smoked and grass was to be mowed. Coke was a refreshing drink, Crack was a fracture in the Concrete side walk and Pot was a container that was kept under the kids bed, at night.