Your first cousin is your parent’s brother’s (or sister’s) child. However, the first cousin’s child is not your second cousin, but your first cousin once removed. The child of the first cousin once removed is your first cousin twice removed and his child is your first cousin three times removed.

Your second cousin is your grandparent’s brother’s (or sister’s) grand child. That second cousin’s child is your second cousin once removed, his child is your second cousin twice removed and so on.

Your third cousin is your great grandparents brother’s (or sister’s) great grandchild. The third cousin’s child is your third cousin once removed and his child is your third cousin twice removed.

Siblings (brothers or sisters) have parents in common.

Your Grand nephew or niece is the grandchild of your brother or sister.

Your Great aunt or uncle is the sister or brother of your grand parents.

Your Stepchild is the child of your husband or wife, by a former marriage or otherwise.

Half sisters or brothers are the children of your mother and step father, or of your father and step mother, or of either parent by a former marriage.

Lineal relations are those in the direct line of accent or decent, such as grandfather or grand daughter.

Collateral relations are those relatives who are linked by a common ancestor, such as aunts uncles and cousins.

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