Just a short distance, down stream, from the old mill was one of the most popular swimming holes, in Three Rivers. It was known as the Dove Tail and I suppose that it was so named because of the contour of the river bank. At that point the shore line was shaped like a dove’s tail. The area is now grown up to trees and brush, but I imagine that if a person were to look, real carefully, they could still locate the site.

Another popular swimming hole, in the early 20’s, was Porter’s. This one was located on the South side of the St.Joe River, opposite, and upstream a short distance from the Cemetery.

Still another good spot was on the Rocky River, up stream from the US-131 bridge. That one was called Rain In The Face. I don’t have the slightest idea why it was called that. Perhaps someone, out there, remembers and can tell us.

The rivers, at that time, were not as contaminated as they are now, so it was considered safe to swim in them, and we sure did.