The operating equipment, in the original Power Plant, consisted of one Recovery Boiler (Black Liquor Burner) and one Bark Burner. Both were Badenhausen design and were built by the Day and Zimmerman Company. There were two Steam Turbines, one was a 4000 KW Allis Chalmers and the other was a 3000 KW General Electric. There was also, of course, the necessary auxiliary equipment such as, Boiler Feed Pumps, River Pumps, Liquor Evaporators, Forced and Induced Draft Fans, Water Treating and Testing Equipment and Electrical Distribution Switching.

The Recovery Boiler was the first conventional boiler ever to be used as a chemical recovery unit. It was, therefore, quite a curiosity to everyone in the Industry, but not to me, because I had never seen a Chemical Recovery unit, of any kind and as it turned out, I wished, many times, that I had never seen that one.