Louise and I were pretty green to be taking on such an ambitious project, but we were young and wanted better things for our future and we were willing to work hard to attain our goals. We had no trouble being accepted by the local people and, as time went on, many close friendships developed.

It may seem strange, but some of the people that came there from other parts of the country, were not as well received as we were. Being there and observing, first hand, it was easy to understand why some were not accepted by the local people. Plymouth, being a small village, was looked upon by many of the new comers as a hick town whose residents needed to be instructed in the ways of the world, even though they were within fifty miles of where it all started, for the white man, on this continent, Roanoke Island. This attitude seemed to be especially obvious with the outsiders that came from the Northeast.

We, being from the North, and having arrived after those “damn Yankees” had spread their arrogance all over the place, did not get us off to a real good start. The fact that the War Between the States had taken place less than one hundred years earlier, didn’t enhance our position either. But, as I say, we were accepted and left there, five years later, as full fledged Confederates. The people, down there, say that Yankees come from the North but Damn Yankees come from New York.