When the vegetable crop got into full production we would, each night, load up the one horse wagon with all kinds of produce and then the next morning Martin Sr., Doug. and I would head for town with the load. We would take a different section of the city each day. Doug. and I would go from door to door selling the green onions, cabbage, tomatoes, and what ever else was in season, at the time. Martin Sr. remained on the wagon to drive, supervise and carry the money that Doug. and I would bring to him. This went along real good, in fact, it was a pleasant diversion from the hoeing, weeding and horseradish grating. However, as usual, two boys, if given even half a chance, can get themselves into a considerable amount of trouble. One day when we were over in the Second Ward, near the East end of Madison Street, Doug. and I were able to lend a vast amount of credence to the above theory.

The Fairbanks Morse Company Base Ball Field (more properly known as the E.B. Linsley Field) was located right at the end of Madison Street, and they were playing a game, that day. They were not just a sand lot team. They were Semi Pros. Well, Doug. and I were out of sight of Granddad and we had sold all of the produce that we had in our baskets, so we had some cash on hand. To be very brief and to the point, we went to the ball game. And we stayed there until it was all over with. We thoroughly enjoyed the game as well as the Orange Crush and Cracker Jack that we bought with company funds.

It was a real dirty trick to pull on the old man, because it would have cost him admission to come in the Park to look for us and he was far too tight for that. He didn’t seem to be over joyed, either, when we got back to the wagon. I think that he had a pretty good idea where we were, because he wasn’t very far away, when we came out. It was an experience that Doug. and I didn’t talk about, afterwards. I never did find out what sort of a reception Doug. received, when he got home, but I feel sure that the only reason that I was able to retain my job was because no one was sure whether it was Doug. or me that had promoted the mutiny.