It was in the spring of 1937, while I was still operating engines at the “Old Mill” in Three Rivers, that I was able to observe and enjoy one of Mother Nature’s wonders. There was a large area, to the south of the engine room that had grown up to weeds and brush, and in this jungle, a Mama Mallard duck had built her nest.

One of the operators, possibly me, had seen her going from her nest to the river, which was about fifty yards away. Naturally the word was passed between us, and bets were made about which one of us would see the little ducklings first. Each of us kept a very close watch on the nest, but checking it only when we would see Mama go to the river, and then from a safe distance, so that we were sure that we would not disturb her.

Orlie Fish won the bet, because they started to hatch during the four to twelve shift and I relieved Earl Abrams at eight the next morning. Even though Orlie won the bet, I am sure that I saw the best part of the show, because it was during the early part of that day, I saw Mama take her little ones, single file, to the river, never to be seen again by the God Fathers in the engine room of the Rocky River Paper Co.