It was also during the depression that Charley Munk, Marshall Buck, Gerald Lucas and I went to a High School Basket Ball Game in Paw Paw, Michigan. It was in the winter time and colder than the dickens. I suppose that we stopped at the Hotel de Hamburger, in Three Rivers, on our way home, we usually did, because the hamburgers were big, they were good and they only cost ten cent each.

After the pit stop, we took Marshall to his home which was about six miles beyond our home port. On our way back, to Three Rivers with still five miles to go, an axle broke in Charley’s Dad’s Model “T”. The time was well past midnight , but we were able to get a ride into Three Rivers. We took the entire rear-end assembly from under Gerald’s Model “T” and Gerald’s Dad took us back out to the site, towing the replacement behind his car. Somehow or other we got the car blocked up, took the damaged rear-end out and put the replacement in, right out there in the snow, the dark, and the near zero temperature. We had to do it, because Charley’s Dad had to have his car to get to work, the next day.

Later we were able to use the garage of one of Gerald’s neighbors, to do the repair work. When we were putting the rear-end housing together, the subject came up about whether it made any difference which side of the ring gear the pinion belonged on. It could go either way and we had paid no attention when we took it apart. Gerald was taking Auto Shop, in High School, and he said that it made no difference, so we just put it together. We soon found out that Gerald had not reached the Model “T” rear-end lesson in Auto Shop. We got everything all back together about ten o’clock one night and again, Charley’s Dad needed the car the next day. When Charley stepped on the go-ahead pedal to drive out of the garage Wes Munk’s Model “T” jumped backwards and almost pushed the old heating stove over. Then we had to take the whole thing apart again, disassemble it, put the ring gear on the other side of the pinion, put it back together and put it under the car again. We got it done in time for Wes to get to work the following morning.