I can think of several times that we could have been taken, and could have done nothing about it. Such as a rear wheel bearing failure in Junction, Texas. Now let me assure you, when you loose a wheel bearing in or near Junction, Texas, you would think that, considering the looks of the country that you have been driving through, you would have a real problem.

We went to the Ford Agency and before they diagnosed the situation, they offered me the use of their pick-up truck to pull our trailer to a campground, however the hitch on their truck did not match the one on our trailer, so we left the trailer right where it was, in their junk car lot.

They had to have a new bearing and axle sent, by bus, from San Angelo, one hundred miles away. The mechanic met the bus at six o’clock the next morning and had the car ready for us at eight. He said that he thought we would like to be on our way as soon as possible. I remember that, at the time, I considered the charges very nominal, in view of the service that we received.