In the summer of 1960, Jim and Frances, and Louise and I, took a Station Wagon trip through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward’s Island, Nova Scotia, across the Bay of Fundy to Bar Harbor, Maine, through the New England States to Niagara Falls and then back home. That was another fun trip. Each couple had a Station Wagon in which we slept for the two weeks that we were gone. We did, however, spend about every other night in a Motel, so we could bathe, but otherwise, we slept in the wagons, in Provincial Camp Grounds and the like.

We saw so many interesting things that it would be impossible to pick out any one or two and say that they were the most interesting. We took conducted tours in Montreal and Halifax, and spent the greater part of one day at Peggy’s Cove. Peggy’s Cove, on the East side of Nova Scotia, is said to be the most photographed spot in the World, and when you see it, you can believe it. We saw the World’s highest tide come in at Truro, Nova Scotia, which is at the upper end of the Bay of Fundy.

After two or three days of enjoying the beauty of the Island, we put our cars on the ferry, Blue Nose, and took the five or six hour trip across the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, to Bar Harbor, Maine. We spent that night in Bar Harbor and the next night in a motel, somewhere in the State of New York.

When we started out, the next morning, we got separated and didn’t see Jim and Frances again until after we were home. Louise and I stopped to see Niagara Falls, and then continued on to Three Rivers.