In the Fall of 1967 we bought a nineteen foot, Holiday Travel Trailer and decided to spend the winter in a warmer climate. We first went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we visited Zenobia and Rush for a couple of days, until we could get space in a new park at Pompano Beach. I guess that we must have spent a couple of weeks there and then went on down the Keys to Key West. We gradually worked our way back up the Keys, staying in State Parks. Everglades National Park was among them.

After we got back to Fort Lauderdale we found space in a County Park near the Adelmans and spent several more days there. We then took off for California. I no longer remember how long we were enroute, but we took our time and arrived at Skip’s, in Sunnyvale, just before Christmas. We were fortunate to find space, in a Mobile Home Park, within just a few blocks of the kids.

We saw lots of things in around the Bay Area of California, that winter. We also took a trip down to the South and saw Disneyland, Solvang, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. On Our way back to Sunnyvale we spent a night at Pismo Beach. All very interesting.