The event that I am about to describe took place during the first extended trip that we made with our first travel trailer. After we had spent several days in Florida sight seeing and visiting with my sister and her family, we took off for California where we intended to spend the balance of the winter. This being our first trip through the deep South, everything was new and interesting to us. I particularly noticed the friendly attitude of the people in New Orleans. This being my first experience at handling a travel trailer in big city traffic I was being especially cautious. As we were tooling along Canal Street about five o’clock in the afternoon I was, perhaps, driving a little slower than I would have needed to. That didn’t seem to bother the other drivers, because I noticed several of them blew their horns, and waved as they passed us. I thought that was a pretty friendly gesture, but I noticed that the Southerners wave differently than we Northerners do. Instead of waving with a wide open hand, like we do, they wave with a closed fist and only the middle finger extended, straight up.