We decided that we liked spending our winters where the temperatures were a little more desirable, but the nineteen foot trailer was not the right thing for extended living, so we bought a twenty eight foot Yellowstone and sold the Holiday to Jim and Frances Shively. From that day to this, we have not spent a winter in the North, and do not intend to, ever again.

Our first winter with the Yellowstone Trailer was spent in the Holiday Travel Park in Scott’s Valley, California, a small town only a few miles from Skips, in one direction and about the same distance from Santa Cruz, in the other direction. That was a real good spot. It was only about ten minutes from the Wharf, at Santa Cruz, where you could get the best Crab Meat Sandwich and the second best Clam Chowder, in the World. The world’s best Chowder was a few miles farther down the Coast, at a broken down Fish Camp, at Moss Landing.