After we moved to Cincinnati, in 1942, the vacation pattern remained about the same as it had been when we were in North Carolina, however, my business traveling increased considerably. I was then employed by the Mutual Boiler Insurance Company and my service area extended from Cleveland, on the North, to Canton, North Carolina, on the South, and from Covington, Virginia, on the East, to Peoria, Illinois, on the West. So you can see that I did a considerable amount of traveling during those five years that we lived in Ohio.

Quite often Louise would have a nice old lady, Mrs. Prayther, stay with the boys so that she could go with me on some of the day trips. Most of the Ohio traveling was done during the years of World War II and because my work was considered essential to the War effort, I was allowed unlimited gasoline and tires.

We moved back to Michigan during the fall of 1947 and built a home on Fisher Lake. For the next few years there seemed to be no real reason why we should want to take a vacation. We were already at the place that many people save up all year to spend their vacations.