In 1986 Three Rivers celebrated the 150th Anniversary of it’s founding. The following comments are not intended to infer that I can remember things that happened 150 years ago. Far from it, I have trouble remembering things that happened even 100 years ago. However, many things are being said and written, at the present time that cause me to recall other things that happened during my early days, in Three Rivers.

The local newspaper, The Commercial News, formerly the Hustler, formerly the Commercial, formerly the Three Rivers Commercial has published a special edition commemorating the Sesquicentennial. They have done a real fine job of bringing back old memories. I intend to use that paper as a prompt to, possibly, enhance some of my ramblings. It may also help me to relate some of the things that I may have been involved with. Some of the things that the paper tells about, I have already covered, elsewhere, so it may be that I will repeat myself, occasionally.