When asked to guess the weight of this man
A wise person responded in truth
Real weight is not measured in flesh & bone
Or what the lad did in his youth
He is weighed by success or lack of same
He is measured in friends he will gain,
by family, by love, by respect from his peers
Sum total adding up to his fame

On October 20, Nineteen Hundred & Ten
In modest beginnings on Big Cedar Lake
This special boy’s fiber was formed by love
Into the accomplished man he would make

Success in Bart’s life has been plentiful
Many friends, 3 sons, loving wife
Ninety years have brought him here today
Where we reflect upon his life

The sum weight of this dear man
has been adjusted through loss & through love
giving and sharing, teaching and caring
The heavens smile down from above

He has always been a leader
He’s been a perfect Dad
What a wonderful role model
His three boys have had!

With “Liz” beside him
Seems most all of his life
She is the perfect reflection
of a most loving wife!

He is now at his computers
From dawn til way past dark
And if we are not mistaken
BartBeck.com will leave its mark!!